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Faqs - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions. If you have some other questions you would like to know, just contact us, we’ll answer you as soon as possible.

Where is babysitting provided?

Babysitting services are provided in Hotels, private villas and touristic apartments upon request. Our nannies will go to house and entertain children for the requested. They may even go on boats trips with the family, or assist parents on the beach, water park or in other event.


What areas of the Algarve are covered?

Kidding Yours services are provided throughout the Algarve, mainly in touristic areas such as Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo and Vilamoura. We operate from Vilamoura, but have referenced babysitters in Lagos, Praia da Luz, Portimão, Carvoeiro, Salgados, Albufeira, Loulé, Almancil, Faro, and Tavira. Certainly, there will be a babysitter available close to you.


Does Kidding Yours have own premises where I can leave my children?

No, Kidding Yours is not a day care center neither have own premises to welcome children. We are a babysitting agency and our services are delivered on request to the domicile. In case parents will be away, and don’t have where to leave children, we may work out a solution with our selected partners. Please contact us for more information.


Does Kidding Yours pick up children?

No. We do not pick up children from home or carry out any group activity elsewhere. However, In case you wish your children to spend a day at a day care centre with other children, we may find a solution with our selected partners. Please contact us for more information.


Will parents have to pay for babysitter meals while engaged?

We leave it up to the parents. In any case we advice our babysitters to buy their own meals.


Is the babysitter traveling cost included in the hourly price?

Yes, no extra charge is due for the babysitter travelling cost. As we have a network of babysitters throughout the Algarve, we always try to allocate the closest babysitter available.


Can the babysitter stay overnight?

Yes, our babysitting service is provided during the day time, evenings, but also overnight. We would kindly ask you to inform us if the service may take longer, so the babysitter can be aware.


Can I meet the babysitter prior to engagement?

Absolutely. In case you feel more comfortable by meeting the babysitter before hand, we will be pleased to introduce you the babysitter available. Still, prior to engagement, it is our standard procedure to send parents a babysitter profile. This, includes personal details, studies and background information.


Are nannies checked for background and references?

Yes. Before hired, babysitters go through an effective screening process, to ensure their vocational ability for the job. We also collect background information and references which are shared with parents prior to engagements. At kidding Yours, nannies are older than 21, responsible and trustworthy people that very much enjoy looking after of children.


There are 3 (or more) children. Will I need a second nanny?

 As you may understand, we would not recommend a single babysitter to look after more than 3 children. In case there are more children, please advise us when booking, because you may need a second babysitter. Parents may use this system with fellow families.


How early should bookings be made?

Babysitting is a very requested service in the Algarve, especially during the Summer time. If you are planning your holidays with the family, get in touch with us now. In other situations, we would appreciate 48h advance booking.

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Help and Advice

We do believe in providing the best service to our clients and nannies alike. Once a nanny has been placed in employment we will always be available to help and advice if any problems or misunderstandings arise. Parents may contact us at any time.


We have gathered a few useful numbers of Portuguese bodies that you may contact in case of emergency or for other medical enquiry.

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