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We acknowledge that the decision of engaging a babysitter is a very important one, especially away from home.

At Kidding Yours, we treat babysitting very carefully and aim to make this decision as easy as possible for parents.

Our professional and responsible attitude aim to ensure that every placement is a success. Nannies at Kidding Yours are responsible people who have previous experience in care giving, childhood related studies and have a good command of English/German/French and Portuguese.

We may also facilitate the introduction of the babysitter beforehand. Still, prior to engagement, it is our standard procedure to send parents a babysitter profile. This, includes personal details, education and background information.



Nannies are not expected to do housekeeping and cleaning duties for the family. Their attention should greatly be drawn to children. We know that parents think alike.


In case there are more than 3 children, please advice when booking, because you may need more than one nanny.  Parents may use this system with fellow families.
Our services are usually requested for hotels and private villas across the Algarve.


In Summer time, nannies are much requested and earlier booking is advisable.






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Information about the babysitting is always sent to parent beforehand. We may also facilitate a personal introduction of the babysitter


Casual Babysitting

 1  child  12 € / hour
 up to  children 15 € / hour
 after  00h00  20 € / hour

Best Deal - Extended Babysitting - 7 Days

Best Deal - 7 days (*)
 440 €   (1 child)
 550 €   (up to 3 children)
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 (*) - Rates above are calculated for 8h engagements.      
       Extra time charged separately at 10€/hour.

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